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Someday - The Strokes


reasons black clothing is superior

  • everyone knows that you’re a fucking badass
  • everything matches
  • you look like you could disappear into the void at any given moment
  • what are stains

come at me bro

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I met the scissor sisters tonight. BOOM.

Confused & undecided.

So far I have loved the uni lifestyle. There is nothing more I could have really wished for, my course is actually perfect for me. The lectures have given us the freedom and the responsibility that an artist should get in the real life job grown up world, the first assignment is about Greek and Roman architecture which I already have a fascination for! 

I have made quite a lot of new friends, seeing as there are 100 ish people on my course, I have tried my best to talk to as may people as I can, and introduce myself. I seem to have made a little group of friends, and so far everything has been dandy, but yesterday was the first real day of being in separate groups and classes, and of course, my luck, they are in different classes, so yesterday I spent my research and studio time in my little cubicle in the studio, with out the girls there, With my head phones in trying to draw pillars and friezes. I felt quite lonely as I went to the canteen, everyone had blank expressions, which was a lot different to the first few days, where everyone seemed happy to see another person, now it seemed that they hated seeing new people. I ate my BLT sandwich in my cubicle whilst listening to fleet foxes, and then decided that I should go home around four. 

Today, I decided it was probably best to stay in, as I have developed five large mouth ulcers over the course of the last week, and today I woke up and could not open my mouth. So i have basically done naff all, all day, apart from sort out my ipod, which was in all fairness in dyer need of sorting out, as my sister had vandalised it by putting all her shitty music on to it! On the up side, I spoke to Morgan on the phone for the first time since he left for uni. It was so nice to hear his voice, he’s the only person that seems to know how I am feeling even if I don’t say anything. He’s my closest friend, and I’m missing him a lot. We didn’t speak for long, only about ten minutes, and then he said he had to go, because his flat mates were calling him. He’s gone out on a proper night out in Bristol. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried, or nervous, but I trust him, I have no reason not to trust him. Also, I need to get used to this, as he is going to be going out a lot over the next three years. 

I guess the past seven month have been a blur, we have been wrapped up in our own little bubble, sure we had college for a few months, but as soon as that finished, and I basically moved in with him, everything else seemed like it didn’t matter. We were happy and that was all that mattered, I never really took the time to think about what could happen when we both went to uni. 

I’m glad I didn’t though, and just enjoyed the time I spent with him. I really hope that we can last a few more moths at least, because I have never met anyone that understands me on the level that he does. He makes everything from the past seem like someone else’s fucked up life, and that I’m just remembering scenes from a movie, not my own life. 

I feel so happy to be with someone that I can trust, and that can trust me. It makes our lives that much easier! 

I started off this post a bit sad, because I miss him, but now I feel that I can get through it. Expect more of these random posts over the next three years!  

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mom said i can probably have this tattoo for my 16th I’m so happy

I would love love love love love a tattoo like this



mom said i can probably have this tattoo for my 16th I’m so happy

I would love love love love love a tattoo like this

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I sometimes wonder if anyone has a legit crush on me.

Then I remember what I look like…

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